The WordNerds

The YA WordNerds are a vlogging group with over 1,800 subscribers, made up of six YA authors: Calyn Morgan, Emma Gisclair, Erica Crouch, Erin Latimer, Kellie Sheridan, and Meghan Jashinsky. They can be found daily talking about all things young adult, writing, and publishing. Each day has a theme:

Monday: Ink Slinging (writing advice)
Tuesday: Reader's Nook (book recommendations)
Wednesday: Word Play (grammar and prose)
Thursday: The Circulation Desk (the publishing process)
Friday: Inspiration Corner (getting inspired)
Saturday: Vlogger's Choice
Sunday: The Sunday Special (live chats about all things YA literature)

They are most well known for their live chats, which take place every Sunday at 7:30pm EST.
The WordNerds can also be found on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

And if you're still not sold, please enjoy this video of the WordNerds dancing:

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