Meghan's Favorite Links

*I will update this every now and then, so definitely check back once in a while!*

Susan Dennard's step-by-step guides:
     Getting an Agent
     Increasing Your Writing Productivity
(okay, really ANYTHING on Susan Dennard's website is gold. Just go read everything on her For Writers page.)

My favorite blog collaborations: Publishing Crawl and YA Highway

Veronica Roth on writing strong dialogue (and how Grey's Anatomy is not-so-good at it).

Malinda Lo's Guide to Writing LGBTQ in YA and Taking the Homophobia out of Fantasy
Malindo Lo on whether or not white people should write about people of color.

How Sarah J. Maas got her groove back when the words wouldn't flow.

The Author's Guide to Drawing Maps (in Photoshop)
     I did a video guide to creating maps using the free editing program, GIMP,          for those of you who don't want to pay a bazillion dollars and your firstborn      child for Photoshop

Disability in Kidlit Tumblr

Seven Things the Harry Potter Movies Forgot About Ron 

My favorite dessert. Because everyone needs some dessert. Just make it. Right now.

Kids Learning Video, where I work. You or your children watching these videos helps pay my rent. So yeah.

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