Saturday, August 8, 2015


I am so excited to be doing a four-part vlog series over the next month. It's called HOW THE HECK DO I FIX THIS?, and it'll be all about my revision process. Let me know what you do for revisions (or if you are revising along, let me know how it is going)! The schedule will be:

Sat. August 8th: What Have You Got?
Fri. August 14th: Making a Battle Plan
Thurs. August 20th: Fighting the War
Wed. August 26th: The Clean-Up

You can watch the first video in the installment here:

In it, I cover the first four steps in revising your manuscript: giving yourself some space, compilation of the pretty words, read-through for big picture issues (and nothing else!), and dance party because YOU JUST READ A BOOK THAT YOU WROTE AND YOU ARE GOING TO REVISE THE HELL OUT OF IT UNTIL IT IS A GLORIOUS MASTERPIECE.

And, as promised, I've compiled a TON of links for each installment so that you can hopefully learn as much as possible and--if my methods don't seem like a good fit for you--find some new revision ideas that will make your manuscript the best it can be.

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