Friday, June 19, 2015


I have been in a major writing slump lately.

I think some of it was that querying is hard and occasionally discouraging. I expected a barrage of rejections and then--if I persevered long enough--a victory. I'm sure if it was like that, I still would have been surprised at the sting of rejection...but overall for me querying has been a lot of waiting. A couple of rejections, a couple of requests, and a lot of checking my sent mail to make sure I got the agents' email addresses correct.

I think because of that I have been afraid to take on a new story. Because what if this means no one will want the one I'm currently querying? What if the idea I have right now isn't good for querying in the future and I end up empty handed in a few months? WHAT IF I ACTUALLY SUCK AT WRITING AND SHOULD JUST GET GOOD AT MATH AND BE AN ENGINEER OR SOMETHING?

Ha. Let's be real here: job stability is overrated. Right? Riiiight.

But the slump is over! Hallelujah! I talked a little bit about the character who inspired me to keep moving forward in my WordNerds video this week, and how difficult she was being. But I've embraced her villainy and it is SO FUN to write someone unapologetically evil. And then to have a second POV from her foil... I can't get enough of it. It's hard to tell which character I hate more!

Actually I do know...the bad guy is my favorite. Are you surprised? ;)

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