Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kellie Had A Book Release!

Wahoo!!! It's always a good day when one of my friends releases a book. Today I'm so excited to tell you about Kellie Sheridan's brand new release, REFILLING YOUR INKWELL: Getting Motivated, Finding Inspiration, and Conquering Your Writing Rut!

Rut, slump, funk—call it what you will, but when you’re trying to write, there are few things more frustrating. The longer you go without writing, the harder it is to jump back in. Days turn into weeks, and then weeks into months—do we even want to think about the possibility of years? And before you know it, frustration becomes doubt in both your work and yourself, building and building until you find every possible reason not to write.
No matter what stopped you from writing in the first place, giving up on your craft will never be an option. Refilling Your Inkwell offers inspiration, motivation, and tactics alike, all to help pull frustrated writers out of their ruts and get you back to the page.

This is the first official release from Kellie and Erica's new imprint, Weapenry, which will be focusing on the writing and indie publishing world.

I had the chance to beta read REFILLING YOUR INKWELL and oh man, is it amazing. It brought me right out of my own writing rut, and within a week after reading it, I had a plot and all of the characters for a new project. This book is full of inspiration, and provides a wealth of potential ways to get out of your writing rut. There's something for every writer in here--plotter or pantser, full time writer or the partest of part time writers, those who write at home and those who write at the coffee shop...and the list could go on forever. This book is great! Be sure to get yourself a copy ASAP!

You can purchase this book on Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo.

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