Friday, March 13, 2015


Me again! Two days in a row whaaaaaat? But I've got something juicy and awesome today. It's the cover of the anthology one of my short stories is going to be appearing in!

Cover Reveal: Polaris AwakeningPolaris Awakening Series: Polaris Anthology #1
Published by Patchwork Press on May 26, 2015
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult

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There’s trouble brewing on Polaris. Under the watchful eye of the space station’s supercomputer, Zeus, the lower classes are awakening to the corruption of their wealthy, privileged, and protected leaders. When the quiet voices of protest get louder and alliances form, change dawns on the horizon. But the small acts of resistance won’t be enough to subvert the system for long. Zeus is alert to the growing threat level, and he will do whatever’s necessary—including purging the lower levels of Polaris—to preserve stability for all.

Inspired by the mythology of the constellations hung around Polaris, the seven stories in Polaris Awakening reimagine the classic characters in a futuristic world where alien creatures are commonplace, combat arenas are used for entertaining foreign dignitaries, slaves and soldiers stand side by side, and music orchestrates a revolution. And their first acts of defiance are just the beginning. Polaris will never be the same.



Isn't it gorgeous??? There are some amazing authors who have been working tirelessly on this project: Kellie Sheridan, Erin Latimer, Erica Crouch, Janna Jennings, Terra Harmony, Hannah Davies, and Meghan Jashinsky.
The Polaris Anthology series is a young adult science fiction that retells some classic mythological stories about constellations in new and exciting ways! In the first installment, you are introduced to the space station of Polaris and the interesting characters aboard. You’ll see action, adventure, romance, and more.

Let us know what you think of the cover, and be sure to add the anthology — which comes out May 26th (new release date!)— on Goodreads

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lord of the Rings Musings


So I LOVE Lord of the Rings. The books are classic, and the movies are hands down my favorite movies OF ALL TIME.

I watch it when I'm home alone for the weekend and need something to cover up the way my house creaks like an ax murderer is coming up the stairs. I watch it when I'm sick and bitter and just want to watch something get destroyed. And sometimes, like today, I just really feel like watching it because I miss the world and the characters. It makes me nostalgic.

I was a part of the young generation that got obsessed with Lord of the Rings. I was only about twelve years old when the first movie came out on DVD, and hadn't seen a PG-13 movie yet. I knew I wanted to see this one, but my mom told me I had to wait, that she wanted to screen it first to make sure it wouldn't be too much for me.

Then my mom left for a PTA convention.

And that night, on his way home from work, my dad stopped at Blockbuster and rented The Fellowship of the Ring.

Little Meghan, the approximate year
the obsession began.
I felt like the biggest rebel in the world when he pulled out that movie, and then felt like the most adulty adult who had ever adulted when we sat down and watched it together. And of course, because it's Lord of the Rings and Peter Jackson killed it, I became obsessed with the movie.

I had all of the action figures (including a talking Treebeard!) and I dressed up for the next midnight premiere and immediately read all of the books. And, lest you think my mom isn't cool, she got us to the midnight premiere (back when midnight showings were actually at midnight) of Return of the King so early that they let us sneak into the theater and watch the movie that was showing before Return of the King. We had the best seats in the house come midnight.

Now anytime I turn on Fellowship of the Ring, I think of my dad and feeling rebellious and falling in love with a world that drastically affected the way I write today. It's funny how the books and movies we love end up with so many other memories attached to them.

What books or movies have attached themselves to some of your favorite memories?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

So This Is Weird

The exciting news keeps coming, people!

You've probably noticed me nonstop talking about Pitch Madness, if you've watched my last two WordNerds videos or seen me on almost any other social media platform. But if you haven't been following me that closely, I ENTERED PITCH MADNESS. And it was scary, but I had gone through my pitch and first 250 with my writing group a million times, and I really love this story idea. Probably more than any other idea I have had up to this point.

Serial killers and fate and a creepy jungle and a slightly unreliable narrator and sibling love and AHHH I have had such fun working on it.

And I was even more excited to find out that my entry made it through to the agent round of Pitch Madness! I'm on the red team, with Brenda Drake and Kimberly Chase. Everyone has done tons of work to make this contest great, and I am so thankful for it. This is a huge event, with so much that goes on behind the scenes!

If you want to read my entry, it's called FORSAKEN and you can find it here.

All of the entries are amazing, and I am so excited (and a little overwhelmed) to see my book next to such incredible stories.

So if you need me, I'll be frantically going over my entire book for the hundredth time. :)