Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Spoiler-Free Book Review: INCITE by Erica Crouch

I got a copy of INCITE (book two in the IGNITE trilogy) through NetGalley. Since I loved IGNITE (and in case you didn't know, I also love Erica Crouch, since we are fellow WordNerds!), I was so excited to get my hands on INCITE. I pretty much started reading it immediately. Here's the description from its Goodreads page, in case you are interested:

Earth is in ruins, and the war of Heaven and Hell has spilled over into the mortal world. In the frozen wasteland of the apocalypse, Azael and his band of cohorts search for Pen and Michael with orders to kill. Little does he know that his sister has incited a rebel army of her own. 

Angels and demons alike stand side by side, ready and willing to fight for a future they didn’t realize they could have. Change doesn't come easy, though. Pen is wary of joining New Genesis's revolution, but when Azael shows his hand and Pen learns all that he holds over them, she chooses to fight back, no matter the risk. She only has to survive, one hour at a time.

I loved this book! When I read IGNITE (book 1), it felt like the main focus was the romance, and Pen's development through that romance as she came to accept that maybe she didn't fit in Heaven or Hell. INCITE took a significantly darker turn, and we got to see the really twisted parts of both Heaven and Hell. This book is about Pen coming into her own, and deciding what side she will stand on in the war between Heaven and Hell--and that maybe that gray area she feels like she is in could become a lifestyle, not just something that keeps her running and hiding.

The darkness in this book was a pretty stark contrast to book one. IGNITE had some gritty elements, particularly in the beginning, but it was mostly overshadowed by the romance. In INCITE, the darkness is the driver. There are a few torture scenes that may be surprisingly grim for readers who were drawn predominantly to the romance in book one, but I personally loved it. Erica has such skill, and the way she wove in beautiful descriptions with the truly awful things going on left me wanting to read more long after I had finished the book.

Lastly, the characters. GOSH, the characters. We are introduced to several new ones, and the diversity of the series is dramatically increased. I love Kala and Ana, and can't wait for their novella! Everyone has beautiful character growth. I especially loved Azael and the inner conflict he had between desperately wanting power, while also desperately wanting Pen to want to be at his side as he succeeded. His point of view was the perfect addition to this series.

Basically, I can't wait to get my hands on the third book, INFINITE! If you haven't read IGNITE yet, you can purchase it on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, iBooks, and Kobo! If you have read IGNITE, then you can buy INCITE from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, iBooks, and Kobo, as well!

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