Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What WERE Your New Year's Resolutions?

I knew a guy in college who, at the beginning of each year, would ask people what their New Year's resolutions were for the year before, rather than for the coming year. I think this is awesome, because how often do we even think about those in the blind optimism of the new year? I used to never think about it (if I even remembered my old resolutions), because what a downer, amirite?

But since then, I've made a point of only setting a few very thought-out goals at the start of the year. I even did a post about how I set goals, and I've seen a lot of success doing it this way. Last year, I only made one resolution: to begin querying agents in 2014.

To achieve that goal, I'd need to set other goals (like finishing up revisions and giving my MS to beta readers and drafting a query letter and and and...), but I really hoped I could do it.

It was December 26th when it all went down, but I was able to succeed in that resolution! I SENT OUT MY FIRST QUERY LETTER. And it was scary, but mostly it felt awesome. And I know there will be tons of hard times and rejections ahead of me in my publishing journey, but right now I am full of excitement for what is to come. :)

If you have set some resolutions for this new year, I'd encourage you to watch this great video by fellow WordNerd Emma, about setting S.M.A.R.T. goals. It could make all the difference this time next year, when you are looking back at all the things you hoped to accomplish!

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