Wednesday, January 14, 2015

One THOUSAND Subscribers

Holy crap, y'all!

The WordNerds surpassed 1,000 subscribers today! This is so crazy to me-just  477 days ago, we dropped our promo video.

470 days ago our first official video was posted, and that Thursday my first video was uploaded. The time went by so fast!

I won't get too mushy on you, but this has seriously been one of the best things to ever happen to me. I've never been so grateful that I failed at something (auditioning for the YA Rebels). I've also never been so grateful that someone I didn't know messaged me on Twitter (Kellie, asking if I was interested in joining in on the creation of the WordNerds).

As an extra thank you for you WordNerds who also sometimes check out my blog, I wanted to show you a little insight into the beginning stages of creating the WordNerds:

First, Kellie invited me to join in on the fun (and of course I was SO IN).  (You can click on any of these images for a closer look.)

She filled me in on all of the big plans, and I was thrilled (obviously). One of the hardest things to do was come up with names for each of our days, so here's a sneak peek at all of the things we came up with before settling on what we have today!

(Parts of these emails have been erased for security reasons, and when you see the words "Word," "Nerd," and "WordNerds" highlighted in yellow, it's not for any special reason. It's just because I searched for this email, and I couldn't get it to remove the highlights. :) )

So we had a starting place:

And from there we started brainstorming!


And there you have it! Our final stopping point, with Ink Slinging Monday, Reader's Nook Tuesday, Word Play Wednesday, The Circulation Desk Thursday, Inspiration Corner Friday, Vlogger's Choice Saturday, and The Sunday Special!

BONUS: When Calyn first agreed to join us! She completes us!

What's been your favorite WordNerd moment so far? And keep checking our page, in case of giveaways and celebrations! And if you aren't subscribed to us yet... Do it now! What are you waiting for? We loooooove fellow WordNerds!

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