Tuesday, November 25, 2014

NaNoWriMo Week 3 (late) Wrap-Up

NaNo week three was pretty much the epitome of the second-week slump for me, I think in part because my word count was where my week two word count was supposed to be. I always struggle with the early middle (or the beginning of act two, if you look at books in a three-act structure) because it's basically prepping for the prepping for the final countdown. There are important things to be learned and action that happens, but it's not nearly so exciting as the action that happens in the second half of act two, where the main character is actually putting those newly learned things into perspective.

Does that make any sense? It's possible it doesn't because I HAD A 5K MONDAY and words feel like jello between my ears right now.

So for week three I didn't really get more behind... But I definitely didn't get more caught up, either. I'm currently at a little over 30,000 words (for exact numbers, check out my awesome gadget thingy in the sidebar). It feels so good to have crossed 30k. Like, 25k is exciting because it's the halfway point, but at 30k it really feels like the worst is over. The end is near (literally, since I'm pretty sure this book is going to finish up on the short side). Also, I've already kicked 2013 NaNo Meghan's butt! So there's that. Here's a visual representation of me kicking last year me's butt at word counts:

Here's three things I learned about my writing this week:

  1. My night writing is not nearly so productive as my just-rolled-out-of-bed writing. And interestingly enough, it's not as high quality either.
  2. Writing sprints are the best things ever created. I think the WordNerds will agree with me on this one. We started our own writing sprint hashtag (#WNSprint), and ran sprints all day on Tuesday. It was a huge success! It really got me (and my other writing buddies) out of our ruts. It was so successful that we are doing another day of sprints Tuesday (/today? man I need sleep) and Friday. So take a break from prepping Thanksgiving festivities (Tuesday) or lounging around wondering why you ate so many leftovers (Friday), and get some good words in! 
  3. My writing is weird. Every time I start to think I've found a pattern that works, my brain shuts down and decides it wants to do something different. This week my brain has loved writing huge word counts in one sitting, in spite of what I said week one about how my brain just doesn't work that way. The only thing that has remained a constant success is the whole "keeping my screen blacked out while I write" thing. I'm still loving not getting distracted by that word count bar. It feels great to be writing until I've come to a natural stopping point, rather than writing until I've hit 1,000 words so that I can check Facebook.
Goal time. And I know this is crazy, but... I used today as a warm up. I'm hoping to achieve a 10K Tuesday. That way, I'll be just about caught up, and I won't go to my in-laws' house super behind--because nobody likes a daughter-in-law who is all crotchety and refuses to step away from the laptop.

This will be me Tuesday (today). Will it be you, too? Let me know! We can commiserate!

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