Friday, November 14, 2014

NaNo Week Two Wrap-Up

I have a visual representation of how this week went. I came off the high of week one, doing all kinds of awesome things, and then...

Week one went really well. And then I made the mistake of taking a day off from writing my NaNo book, and instead focused on stockpiling a few blog posts and gearing up for querying. I've done five drafts of my query letter, and it's STILL. NOT. OVER.

But the point is, I took a day off from it and have had a crazy hard time getting back into the groove. It's not that I dislike the story (because I really, really love this one). But what I'm writing feels forced, and I can't tell if I feel that way because I had such high hopes for the story, or if something is genuinely wrong that I need to fix. It's possible that only revisions will be able to give me the answer...

Meaning I have to finish it.

Sigh. I'm a little over 14,000 words, which means the best way for me to catch up would be to do some sprints (the bane of my existence). But I don't know! I'm feeling pretty good today. I woke up earlier than usual, and even though I'm super behind on the word count, it still feels like I'm pretty far into the story. I don't foresee the first draft of this one being much longer than 50,000 words (all my drafts tend to run on the shorter side, but this one seems shorter than even those), so there's that.

I haven't lost hope yet! I mean, as strange as it sounds, I'm only like 9,000 words behind. And that really isn't that much. Nothing I can't handle. ;)

And even though it's embarrassing to be far behind, here's my chart:

Also congrats to Erica, who crossed the 50,000 word mark this morning!!!

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