Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Fall is just the best. It always gets my creative juices flowing! All the spooky things happen in the fall, and all the spooky things are what I love to write about. :)

I'm plotting my NaNo novel now (eep!) and am so, so excited to start writing it! I need to get to know my MC a little more to really be ready, so a November start date should be perfect. But here's a sneak peek at what it's about: A fantasy world where reincarnation exists, and a protagonist who has been sentenced to death for murder in every one of her last 650 lives.

Again, EEP! I am so excited to write this one! Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Favorite Things

Okay, so recently I started watching The Mindy Project (OMG guys). It is awesome. So awesome that I could probably fill up a bunch of posts about it and you would get so bored and unsubscribe from my blog and leave me weird hate tweets or something. But there is one thing that makes me so happy and excited and a little giddy (which is a seriously strong reaction to something so minor but it's 2:30am and I just don't care, okay?).

But really. At the end when it flashes the little Kaling International logo, I just get so excited. How perfect is it? I feel like I'm looking at my life. Then that voice says, "Go to bed," and the lights go out and I just... Ahhh. So perfect. So me. I can't count the times my husband has rolled over at some ungodly hour and groaned, "What are you doing?" while squinting into my harsh reading light.

And I'm like, "I just have 200 pages left in this book. Duh."

But I don't turn out the light because I'm a rebel like that. Book lovers ftw.

Monday, September 8, 2014

What I'm Listening To

aka MUSIC MONDAY. If I was a more consistent blogger, this would totally be a thing. Maybe I'll whip it out every once in a while.

I am so so close to being finished with all of my revisions! I know, I know... It's a bit later than I'd hoped, but it feels really great to be typing in the changes! It goes way faster than actually coming up with them, haha.

There's one playlist that I've pretty much been listening to on repeat this whole time, and I thought I'd share it! It's got a little bit of vocal music, some instrumental, but all of it makes me think of specific parts of my novel, be it Gravity (the song that actually inspired the friendship between my MC and her guard) or El Dorado (relationship between the MC and the love interest... Can't you just imagine them having it out on the deck of a ship to this? AHH) or Kiss With a Fist (my MC's ideology initially). The list goes on, but I won't overdo it.

Maybe this music will give you a burst of inspiration, too?

PS: I love Angel with a Shotgun, because it totally reminds me of my MC's sister as she evolves throughout the story. But ALSO it reminds me so much of Erica Crouch's IGNITE, a book that is literally about battling angels (plus swoonworthy romance!). Have you read it yet? What are you waiting for?!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Oh Hey, New Blog

It happened again!

I made another blog design. The orange was really intense, and I wanted to go with something a little more chill and classic. I'm really excited with how it came out! And tonight, I'm finally going in and inputting the stuff that belongs in all of those pretty tabs. So take a look around! It feels all new. :)