Friday, July 18, 2014

Stress and Amazing Opportunities

I have another cool announcement... I got an internship. At The Bent Agency, which is just, you know, ONE OF MY FAVORITE AGENCIES.

I've been officially on for almost two weeks, and I am loving it so so much. I'm learning a ton, and it's giving me a peek into what it's like being an agent (something I've wanted to learn more about), and is the perfect first step toward actually doing cool, agent-y things in the still-kind-of-distant future. I'm SO SO excited and thrilled that I have this opportunity.

But like any new job, I want to do great. I want to impress everyone and do ALL THE THINGS, and because of that, it's adding a little stress.

I'm in a writing group, so I'm used to critiquing people's work. But on the agent's intern side of things, it's a little different. I don't know these authors, and it's hard not to relate to them since I'm also a writer who will be querying in the next few months (!!!) and just wants an agent to like me enough to offer representation. And what if I give my feedback and it's not what the agent was thinking and she hates my ideas and I never have a future in agenting because I have poor taste in books which actually means I'm not qualified to write books either and I'm going to end up living in a refrigerator box and feeding my dog food scraps stolen from a grocery store dumpster?

I know I'm just giving my input alongside a few other interns, but it's still a weird feeling. But the more manuscripts I look at, and the more queries I read, the more I love it and the more I hope I'm doing well at it. And most of all, I am just so, so happy that this is happening. After almost a full year of craziness, it's nice to have things working out.

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