Monday, July 7, 2014


Okay, I confess, I skipped a week.
But I have a great excuse.
JKJK. No such thing as a great excuse to not write. 

But I did take an entire week off from my novel before diving into revisions. If you remember, the goal is to have my first round of revisions finished by August 2nd, and so far I'm feeling pretty good! I just need to keep kicking it into gear. My in-laws were in town last week, so it was difficult to keep everything balanced (work + writing + applying for an intense internship + fun in-laws = a sleep deprived Meghan).

Revision Wall of Glory!
 My favorite part of the last two weeks has been  watching my revisions wall take shape. Right now  it looks like the image to the left, but it should be  evolving just a little bit more as I work through  the next couple of days. I'm at the hard part--  making sure all of the character/plot/relationship  arcs all  make sense in the context of the scenes I  want to add/remove.

I also love this wall because it's got a copy of the map that I made (which I'll probably be doing a YouTube tutorial on in the next few weeks), and a letter from my fictional dream fan (to give me something awesome to look to, and to help me see the big picture for how I want my novel to feel).

But how can you say no to that face?
It's also Camp NaNoWriMo time, and I'm in a cabin with a bunch of WordNerds, which is SO fun. Doing writing sprints and chatting with them gives me so much drive to keep working, even when I'd rather do critically important things like take a nap or play with the dog.

This month is giving me all kinds of awesome ideas for this coming November!

Hope everyone else's writing goals are being met! What are you working on?

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