Wednesday, June 18, 2014

RSW Week 1

So if I haven't gone to sleep yet, then it's still Tuesday, right? Then I'm only one day late, yeah? Either way, even late this is helping me with my writing accountability. So here's how the last week went:

  1. The beginning of the week was... rough. I didn't get much writing done, and spent most of the week working. But the second half of the week, I've done a little better with words (and a little not-so-great with work hours). Overall, if I keep hitting 2,000+ words like I've done the last few days, I'll be able to hit my goals for this week.
  2. My goals: FINISH Patchwork (my WiP) by any time on Saturday. AHHHH. I am so so close, you guys. And I got to go to the Fierce Reads tour stop in San Diego tonight, so my writing motivation is higher than ever. I want this bad, and I think I'm going to achieve this goal.
  3. My favorite line from this week: "Something as inconsequential as an ocean won't stop me now."
  4. My biggest challenge this week was balancing work hours and writing hours. It tended to be either one or the other... Hopefully I'll get better at that this week.
  5. Something I love about my WiP: MY MAIN CHARACTER. She starts out as such a butt. Like, seriously. She's stubborn and such a pain and thinks she rules the world, and now that I'm at the end, it is so fun to write the girl who is still a lot of those things, but has learned how to balance those qualities with strong ones. She's got some big, nasty decisions coming, and I think she's ready for them.
How did you do last week? Did you meet your writing goals?

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