Monday, August 12, 2013


This week I have been focusing a lot more on developing characters- or, I should say, letting characters develop themselves. I love my outlines and just want to squeeze them and hug them and snuggle with them and let them keep me warm when I am frustrated with everything else in my writing. You probably noticed that in one of my earlier posts.

But then I had this idea. This shiny, brilliant idea. It was so different from any idea I have ever had. It's like when you open the fridge and your roommate has made something delicious that you never seem to get right and there's a little note saying Eat me! I made way too much!

How can you not take a bite immediately?

I didn't have time to over think it; I didn't have time to plot out the whole story. This MC was so alive that I knew I had to put her voice on paper, or I would forget it.

So I don't know where the plot is going, but it's a good experience. It feels like this character already knows who she is, and is just waiting for me to let her tell the story. I am excited to see what happens. :)

And, speaking of characters who seem to have their own stories to tell, can I just take a second to say how awesome this set of Disney princesses turned evil is? I just want to write them ALL!

Feeling a little like the grandpa who's just discovered texting, but... Three cheers for my first successful gif usage, too!

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