Tuesday, May 14, 2013

That One Pump-Up Song

So most writers have that music that they just can't write without. There's this one artist, or this one CD or playlist, that is the epitome of everything they are trying to write.

I am the same way. We discussed this earlier when I talked about Kanye West.

There's that other kind of music, though. The kind that pumps me up and makes me want to shake my hips and scream, "I can do this! I can write a novel that will make people reevaluate their lives! I love EVERYTHING about what I'm writing!"

Sometimes these songs come up for no particular reason, and don't make any sense with my taste in music. Sometimes they fit and make me want to scream, "This song is about ME!"

Right now, that song is this one (but replace 'girls' in the chorus with 'books' or 'manuscripts'. Whichever feels right to you):