Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kanye West is my Muse

One thing that every writer I have ever come across (including myself) has in common is that it is much more difficult to write in complete silence. I usually write to my classics- A little country, a little indie, a little rock and roll... And it always works for me. I feel pumped! I am ready to write the great American novel by the time I pull up Microsoft Word, its bright blue logo like peeks of blue sky between all of the clouds shaped like nasty Linguistics homework.

Throughout the past few weeks, though, it just hasn't been working for me. For some reason, I was getting tired of all of my music, as well as all of the stuff Pandora gave me. I would type a paragraph or two, and then I would listen to the music, and let out a groan. I HATE this song right now. Why can't you read my mind and know exactly what I need, Pandora?! It never answers back... In case you were concerned.

Yesterday though, our internet wasn't working, and my computer is broken, so I pulled up Husband's iTunes, and began playing what he had the most of... And as shocking as this may be to you if you don't know him very well, he has a LOT of Kanye West music. I will wake up some mornings, and he will be having what he calls a "Ghetto Rap Day," where he spends and hour or two kickin' back to some Tupac, or another Husband-favorite (and also a Kanye-favorite, apparently) Jay-Z. I feel like I have become more cultured being married to him.

So yesterday, I hesitantly reached forward to begin playing my favorite Kanye song. I paused, wondering if Husband might come home and catch me jamming to his music, for some reason not wanting to be discovered enjoying his rap. But then I shrugged my shoulders, and let it flow. Amazingly enough, Kanye's dulcet tones lulled me away to a short-story writing heaven. In one hour, I had cranked out 2,000 words that I was actually proud of, and only slightly nervous to have critiqued by my classmates.

To test out my theory, when I felt like the words weren't flowing well for this blog post yesterday, I decided to turn on some more Kanye, and the words flowed right off the edge of my fingertips... So there you have it: [for now, at least] Kanye West is my Muse.

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